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KMGO is a Kinross-shire charity which aims to:

  • reduce the environmental impact of daily travel

  • promote health & well-being

  • generate local economic activity


20210331_KMGO Logo Car.png
Car Share

Our Car Share Scheme for Kinross-shire is now operating from Kinross Town Centre.   Access to a car when you need it, hand it back when done. With low / zero emission vehicles, each shared car takes 13 personally owned vehicles off the road.  We have partnered with Enterprise Car Club - the first 50 members will receive a £20 credit to their account. To find out more click here. 

e-Bike Share

KMGO will be setting up an E-Bike Share Scheme for Kinross-shire in 2022.    Reserve, pick up, ride, drop off when done. We're really excited about our longer term plans to offer e-Bike experiences to people of all abilities on e-Tandems, e-Trikes and Wheelchair e-convertors.  

Walk It Safe and Green

So, you've ditched the second car. and are walking more as a result.  KMGO promotes safe and inspiring walking routes local to Kinross-shire. Once we've got the Car Share up and running, we'll be doing more work in this area. 

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