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Our car share scheme is a new, greener alternative to car ownership for residents of Kinross-shire.  Pay per trip car share schemes are a growing part of the green transport revolution.  In the same way that Spotify and Netflix have changed music and TV/movies, they offer a new 21st century model for car usage. 


Research shows that 2 million people in the UK will be using car sharing by 2025.  It makes financial sense for drivers and has a huge positive impact for the planet, with each shared car taking 18 personally-owned cars off the road.


There is an annual membership fee of £20 and the first 50 people to join will receive a £20 credit to their account. We are partnering with Enterprise car share club who are providing the car for Kinross-shire as well as access to their national network of car share cars. To secure your credit enter promotional code KMGO20 (referral code E805ZV).  

To join the club click here

Who is it for?




With millions of us now working more from home and commuting less, the cost and environmental impact of owning and running your own car increasingly makes less sense.



For families with two or more cars, reducing to one car and joining the car share scheme could save you money and lower your carbon footprint.



For older/retired people, as you drive less over the years, the financial costs of owning a car can mount and car share schemes are an attractive, greener alternative.



We offer a special plan for drivers aged 19-21.  Younger people in urban areas are keen adopters of car share schemes and with their high green awareness, their generation may never progress to personally owning a car.  It also makes sense for students coming back for the holidays, saving prohibitive insurance fees.

Benefits - Why own a car when you can access one when you need it?

A greener model for personal car use

Pay as you go cars offer affordable, low emission mobility which helps to break dependency on private car ownership.  Each shared car takes 13 privately-owned cars off the road.  That benefits the planet with 12 less cars to be manufactured, run and disposed of. 

Save money

With our car share club you only pay for a car when you need it.  You are not paying for the cost of your own car to sit, unused, for 95% of the time.  You get to drive a new, low-emission or electric car with all the costs covered.  Compared to owning a car, you save on the annual costs of purchase/lease, insurance, road tax, fuel, MOT, maintenance, repairs, parking and break-down assistance.

A healthier, more sustainable lifestyle


Breaking your dependency on personal car ownership encourages you and your family to exercise more and drive less.  This is great for the planet and great for your health.  Kinross-shire Mover Greener Organisation are working on alternatives to encourage you to get out more and drive less including an Electric Bike Share Scheme and promoting local walking routes.  We are also working with Perth & Kinross Council to integrate sustainable transport solutions, for example, by installing bike racks beside our car share parking spaces.

How it Works


Sign-up to join, book via an app, access the car with contactless card, drive and return to the same location.

Membership includes fuel, servicing, MOTs, breakdown cover, insurance and cleaning, meaning you only pay for a vehicle when you need it, not when you don’t.


Our Car


KIA Niro, self-charging hybrid, fully automatic.  The Niro is a medium-sized SUV family car (similar to a Ford Focus, Nissan Juke, etc) and can accommodate 5 adults comfortably with plenty of luggage space, including 60/40 fold-down seats for extra load-carrying power.



Pick up and return the car from our dedicated car share club parking space, located at the exit of Old Causewayside Car Park (opposite Millbridge Hall) in Kinross town centre.

We are partnering with Enterprise Car Share Club who are providing the vehicle for Kinross-shire. 
There are three key cost components that make-up what you’ll be charged when taking to the road with Enterprise Car Club. 


The annual membership is £20 per year or a monthly membership of £2. Simply join selecting a rate plan available in the town or city within which you live. You’ll then get access to vehicles across the UK.


For each trip you’ll be charged for the vehicle based on the type of car or van you’ve selected, the length of the reservation and location. Find the prices for your location here. An estimate for your rental will be displayed before you confirm your reservation based on the specific rates of the car or van you’ve selected. To give you peace of mind, our price guarantee means we charge you the daily rate if it is lower than the hourly rate. This daily cap will only be applied to one reservation per day. You may cancel for FREE up to 5 hours before your reservation starts.


This is a per-mile charge that is calculated based on how far you drive during your reservation. This is added to your rental charge and billed at the end of your trip.

Once you’ve covered these costs you don’t need to think about fuel, insurance, servicing, MOT, road tax, breakdown cover, vehicle depreciation…etc. as these are all included. What’s more we don’t charge a deposit.

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