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Car Share Scheme Launch In Kinross-Shire

Local charitable organisation Kinross-shire Move Greener (KMGO) has partnered with Enterprise Car Club to launch a car share scheme for Kinross-shire.

The scheme is the first of KMGO’s projects which are aimed at; providing practical alternatives and opportunities for people to make a small but positive impact on the environment; promote health & well-being; and generate sustainable local economic activity.

Malcolm McFarlane of KMGO, said;

‘KMGO is delighted to be able to bring a car share scheme to Kinross-shire, made possible through the hard work of a small group of volunteers and with the support of Kinross Community Council, Perth & Kinross Council (P&KC) and grants from CoMo UK and the Kinross Common Good Fund.

Our first car, which is based at Old Causeway Car Park (Millbridge Hall) is a mid-size family car. For now, it is a hybrid (petrol/electric), but there is a request in with P&KC for electric charging points. As soon as those chargers are in place, we will switch to a full electric vehicle. We plan to expand the fleet to include vans, wheelchair accessible vehicles and a minibus – all full electric. So, in time, we will have a fleet of vehicles for just about every need.

KMGO can now offer residents, local businesses and organisations an alternative to running their own vehicles. Research shows that one well utilised car share vehicle can reduce the environmental impact by the equivalent of 11 other vehicles. Renting the car share vehicle, just for essential journeys, reduces the number of non-essential journeys and gets people walking and cycling more, which has a positive effect on health and well-being. And we will involve local businesses in cleaning and maintenance – which has a small but, again, positive impact on the local economy.’

Joining the car share scheme is easy and, as well as the environmental and other benefits, it can be much more economical than running your own vehicle. To join the scheme and or to find out more about KMGO, please visit our car share web page

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